Welcome to Academy For Massage

Dear Prospective Student,
I am glad that you are considering Academy for Massage Therapy Training (AMTT) for your massage therapy education. You will find that no other school offers a higher level of training in massage therapy.

Academy for Massage Therapy Training is superior and unique for three main reasons:

1. Our Unique Approach to Massage – The WorkSmart Method of Massage®. This proprietary approach to massage therapy solves many of the would-be physical challenges of providing massage therapy on a full time basis. Problem solved! You will learn how to use your body properly and in the most efficient manner known to the industry. Whether you’re five feet tall or six feet tall, strong or petite, we will teach you how to use what you’ve got to be the best you can be and for as long as you want to practice.

2. A Real World Experience – Because AMTT is also the sister company to Spa d’Sante, a professional day spa with four San Antonio locations, we are acutely aware of industry standards and consumer demands. These standards, demands, and associated techniques are what we teach in our Massage Programs. This assures you of the best quality, most relevant education experience possible.

3. Massage Mastery Program – This alternative to the basic licensing program will better prepare you for professional practice because it allows you to complete more practical hours prior to graduation while saving you thousands of dollars in tuition expense. In this profession, the learning definitely comes in the doing, so having more opportunities to refine your skills prior to graduation is priceless. We will discuss this program in detail later in this catalog.



Raising the Standard in Massage and Body Therapy

My experience with massage goes back to 1989, when I attended massage therapy school. I began my first massage therapy practice, Massage Concepts, in Alamo Heights, Texas in 1990 and later opened two rehab clinics called Advanced Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Clinics. I also started wellness programs at USAA and Pioneer Flour Mills.

I realized immediately that the skills necessary to be successful had to be sought outside of the standard educational programs at massage therapy schools available at the time. As I developed my skills, my massage practice quickly grew and before long, I found myself in need of additional staff of massage therapists.

As I interviewed prospective massage therapists, I realized how unprepared the majority of the applicants were. The weaknesses were primarily a lack of understanding of muscular anatomy, lack of emphasis in professional ethics and boundaries, and inability to do little more than “spread lotion” when providing a massage. Therefore, I became an instructor in 1996 and began looking at the prospect of establishing a massage therapy school where improvements in these areas could be made at the basic level. Academy for Massage Therapy Training received its License as a Massage Therapy School in November 1996.

My goal was and still is to “Raise the Standard” in massage and body therapy. Since then, I have moved the school four times, each time to a larger location due to the high demand of students choosing Academy for Massage Therapy Training. We have now become Texas’ largest, privately owned massage therapy school, with approximately 200 graduates per year, over 10,000 square feet of educational, clinic, and beautiful day spa facilities. We have created an environment that will give you an educational experience like no other. As you complete your clinic hours, you will have the opportunity to do so in an environment that is as close to “real life” as possible because of the skills and services you will be providing as well as the fact that your internship will be conducted in our school Day Spa.

Academy for Massage Therapy Training has become recognized in the industry for our superior quality training. Therefore, our graduates are highly sought after for employment. Additionally, I am the proud owner of Spa d’Sante Health and Wellness Centers with four locations in San Antonio. Spa d’Sante recently received the Readers’ Choice Gold award for Best Day Spa in San Antonio.

No one in this industry understands the demands of this market better than AMTT. We strive to impart to our students the knowledge and skill set it takes to be successful in this industry. We hope you decide to attend AMTT and become part of this elite group of massage therapy professionals.

If you are sincerely interested in a future helping others to achieve a greater level of physical, emotional and mental health & well-being; if you want to learn how to provide massage & body therapy using the most effective techniques; if you want to give yourself the greatest opportunity for success; Academy for Massage Therapy Training is your BEST choice for professional massage & body therapy education.