Thank you for allowing Academy for Massage to be a part of your gift giving.

We know how important it is to give the right gift, and to know that the person receiving it will enjoy it and remember it always. Academy for Massage has two convenient ways to make your gift buying as convenient as possible.

Visit our beautiful campus and purchase our attractive electronic gift cards in person or…
You may order an instant gift card online and print it instantly right at your own computer for no additional charge. Simply go to our online instant gift card page, set up a user profile, and begin making your gift card purchases on your own time and from the convenience of your computer. Each gift card may also be sent via email with a pdf attachment. Be aware that some spam software may prevent the delivery of the gift card.

Customer acknowledgment:

This service is offered as a convenience to our guests and patrons of Academy for Massage. This certificate number corresponds to a number that has been electronically assigned for security purposes. Once our system has redeemed the number printed on this certificate, this certificate and the corresponding number are no longer valid. All gift cards are non-refundable. Instant gift cards can only be used by the person whose name the card bears. Each gift card will be sent via a pdf attachment, so be aware that your spam software may prevent the delivery of the gift card. If this occurs, you or the recipient may pick up the gift card at our campus located at 602 NW Loop 410, suite 122 San Antonio, Texas 78216

If this gift card is lost, Academy for Massage will not replace it. If it has been redeemed by another party, Academy for Massage is not responsible for any loss or any other inconvenience you may encounter as a result of loss or fraudulent use by another party.

For fraud protection & security, you must include the first and last name of the person whom the card is being given to.


*Words like Dad, Mom are not acceptable.


By clicking the link above, I am accepting the above terms.

For more info contact our Manager at: (210) 375-2688 ext.104 or email: