AVAILABILITY –  Open for Student and Licensed Massage Therapist appointments. Call or book online today.


We understand the fact that when you need a massage, you need it now, not two weeks from now! 

Therefore, AMTT is very conveniently located in San Antonio and is complete with 16 private treatment rooms, all of which are equipped with the latest and most comfortable massage and/or spa equipment available. Having this many treatment rooms staffed with highly skilled massage students allows for plenty of availability so you can get your massage or spa package with relatively short notice.

AFFORDABILITY – Receive wonderfully discounted prices!

We know that 40% of Americans say the reason they don’t get regular massage is because it’s too expensive.

Problem solved! AMTT’s price points for massage and spa therapies are wonderfully discounted and that makes it possible for you to enjoy our massage and spa therapies on a regular basis so you can experience a healthier and happier life.

For more info contact our Manager at: (210) 375-2688 ext 104 or email: madison@academyformassage.com