Integrated Soft Tissue Therapies

Integrated Soft Tissue Therapies™ combines the perfect blend of the most effective soft tissue therapies: Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and WorkSmart method of massage to resolve the aches and pains of so many in our society today.

ISTT™ Overview

This course will teach you the science and background of Integrated Soft Tissue Therapies™, a proven method for alleviating common pain complaints including headaches, backaches, and many other physical ailments. You will understand the nature of those stubborn, painful, and troublesome knots that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t resolve. You will also learn about Trigger Points, Myofascia and how they contribute to pain and stiffness. You will also learn the basics of WorkSmart method of massage, deep tissue work made easy.

  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: 1 set of twin sheets, face rest cover, and bolster

Follow the ISTT™ Overview with any one or all of the following courses in any order:

  • ISTT™ Headache
  • ISTT™ Low  Back
  • ISTT™ Anterior Torso
  • ISTT™ Shoulder I&II
  • ISTT™ Thoracic Outlet
  • ISTT™ Upper Extremities
  • ISTT™ Lower Extremities
  • ISTT™ Sciatica

In each of these specialized Integrated Soft Tissue Therapies™ follow-up courses we will discuss the musculature and soft tissue anomalies which cause pain in the associated areas. We will present detailed anatomy of muscles which are associated with the pain to include origin, insertion, action and palpation of related structures. Additionally, we will locate trigger points, identify pain patterns, and demonstrate and practice proven techniques to eliminate pain caused by myofascial trigger points in the focus area.

  • CE Hours: 6 Hours for each class
  • Prerequisite: ISTT Overview
  • Supplies Needed: 1 set of twin sheets, face rest cover, and bolster.

Essential Touch

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most enjoyable yet traumatic experiences for a woman. During this hands-on workshop you will learn specialized techniques designed for expectant moms from the first trimester through delivery and will have the opportunity to work with women at different stages of pregnancy.

  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: 2 sets of twin sheets, 4 pillowcases and pen or pencil

Labor Massage

Support pregnant women through the miracle of birth. Learn the benefits of labor massage, coaching techniques, stages of labor, positions and massage techniques for labor. This class includes hands-on instruction as well as release forms, fee setting and marketing ideas.

  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: Pen or Pencil

Infant Massage

Infant massage is commonly recognized by professionals and parents as a viable health care service that greatly benefits infant and child development. This unique hands-on workshop gives you the opportunity to work with live infants. You will learn proven techniques for providing infant massage for those under one-year of age.  Treatments for teething, colic, and other common ailments will be shared.

  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: Pen or Pencil

Corporate Massage Experts (C-ME)

Corporate or workplace massage is a great way to build your massage business, diversify your practice, generate overhead-free income, and make massage therapy not only more available, but also more affordable to more people. However, you must understand fully some concerns and issues corporations have with making this much needed benefit available to those in the workplace. By carefully addressing these issues and concerns, you will have a better opportunity to tap into the corporate massage market.

The presenters of C-ME have resolved the challenges massage therapists are faced with in the corporate massage environment. USAA (18,000 employees) and Pioneer Flour Mills (450 employees) are just some of the corporate clients the C-ME workshop presenters have obtained.
During C-ME I we will discuss:

  • Client documentation
  • Brochures, contracts and schedules
  • Creative scheduling and maximum utilization strategies
  • Contract negotiation and writing
  • Fee setting and marketing strategies
  • Corporate issues and concerns
  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: Pen or Pencil

During the C-ME II hands-on workshop you will learn to effectively provide:

  • a 10 minute sequence
  • a 15 minute sequence
  • Headache quick-fix
  • Stiff neck quick-fix
  • Low back pain quick-fix
  • Stretches
  • Relief for “burning” between the shoulder blades
  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: Pen or Pencil

Building a Loyal Clientele

“Success equals 12.5% product knowledge and 87.5% people knowledge.”

Building a loyal clientele has a whole lot more to do with people skills than it does technical skills. From understanding your personality to building rapport with clients, while staying positive and maintaining professionalism, clients appreciate a massage therapist who meets not only their physical needs, but also their need for a healthy connection.

Personalities 101

Who you are is just who you were made to be!  Understanding yourself and others will greatly enhance your ability to relate to your clients.


  • CE Hours: 6 Hours

Bringing Out the Best In You!

Once you have discovered your personality type, strengths, and weaknesses, let us guide you through proven methods to work out the “kinks” so that you can love yourself and be all that you want to be for your clients and others around you.


  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Prerequisite: Personalities 101

6 Traits of a Successful Massage Therapist

Yes, there is a formula for success. We will highlight the most important traits that you need to make your massage therapy career all that you want it to be.


  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Prerequisite: Bringing Out the Best in You!


Deep tissue (or “more pressure please”) massage is the type of massage so many 21st century clients want from their massage therapists. Clients are more educated, more discriminating, and have greater expectations when seeking a massage. Day spas, hotels, and other employers are requiring that their massage therapists be skilled in deep tissue work. The goal of this course is to help to do this work without tiring, fatiguing, or injuring yourself. You will find that not only will you be able to do more work without tiring, you will also be more effective, more competitive, and more satisfied with your results.

This series is now divided into four segments, each focusing on deep tissue and myofascial lengthening techniques. We will palpate, explore and dissect every major muscle and many minor muscles in each focus area. You will develop a whole new appreciation for the soft tissue structures of the body and for what you can do for your clients. During each of these hands-on workshops you will receive and learn how to give a two-hour deep tissue massage to the focus area.
Each of these WorkSmart workshops may be completed in any order:

WorkSmart Upper Body  |  WorkSmart Lower Body

  • CE Hours: 6 Hours for each class
  • Supplies Needed: 1 set of twin sheets, face rest cover, and bolster.

Spa Certification

From the Day Spa to the Destination Spa, consumer demand for spa therapies and massage is on the rise.  This rapid growth requires that massage therapists be well versed and well educated on the popular treatments that spa guests are requesting.  Look around, every major city is experiencing explosive growth in the number of spas.  If your desire is to work in a spa, this course will instantly make you more marketable and increase your income potential in today’s competitive spa market.
These exciting workshops combine valuable information with hands-on training and practical application in the latest and most popular body treatments offered in spas today.  In addition, if you wish to offer spa therapies in your practice, we will show you easy and creative ways to capitalize on the booming spa industry.

SPA certification includes the following workshops:

SPA I: Spa Foundations

with John Durland LMT, MTI,
This foundational workshop is a great intro class to future SPA certification Sessions.  You will learn a brief history of the booming spa industry.  We will discuss who the spa client is and what treatments they are looking for most.  Additionally, you will learn about the most commonly used equipment, popular spa treatments and elements in the spa industry.


  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Supplies Needed: Pen or Pencil.

SPA II: Spa Facials & Wraps

Each of these workshops provide 6 CE Hours. Note that there is a $20 product fee for each spa technique workshop that is not included in the registration rate.
During each of the following practical application courses you will have the unique opportunity to receive and learn to provide popular Spa treatments. During this hands-on workshop you will give and receive European facials and body wraps. You will learn the common elements used for these treatments and what you can do to start providing these treatments in your practice today.


  • Prerequisite: Spa Foundations
  • Supplies Needed: 2 sets of twin sheets with pillowcases, 4 bath towels, and a robe.

Wet Room & Dry Room

During this hands-on workshop you will give and receive popular spa treatments in both wet room and dry room environments including body scrubs and mud body treatments. You will learn the common elements used for these treatments and what is needed to start providing these treatments.


  • Prerequisite: Spa Facials & Wraps
  • Supplies Needed: 12 hand towels,6 bath towels, 4 pillowcases, a robe and flip flops.

Hydrotherapy, Hands & Feet

During this hands-on workshop you will provide and receive hydrotherapy treatments including baths and steam. Additionally, you will give and receive spa treatments for the hands and feet using scrubs, mud, and paraffin. You will learn the common elements used for these treatments and what you need to start providing these treatments.


  • Prerequisite: Spa Wet & Dry Room
  • Supplies Needed: 12 hand towels, 6 bath towels, 2 pillowcases and a robe.

Paraffin Facial

During this hands-on workshop you will provide and receive a luxurious paraffin facial. You will learn the common elements used for these treatments and how you can start providing these treatments.


  • Prerequisite: Spa Facials & Wraps
  • Supplies Needed: 2 sets of twin sheets, and 2 bath towels.

SPA III: Spa Employment

“Overwhelmingly, the number one treatment in spas today for both men and women is massage.”

– International Spa Association (ISPA)

As a result of this demand for massage services, more therapists are being sought. This is both good and bad news. The good news is that more good paying jobs for massage therapists are more available. The bad news is the work environment and compensation arrangements can be very detrimental to the massage therapist who is not properly equipped. If you are considering working in or for a spa, this course is a must!

Let us show you how you can earn over $40,000 a year in an environment that is safe, fun, rewarding and enjoyable. We will discuss in detail:

  • Your value in the spa environment
  • Negotiating compensation
  • Documentation – SPA Forms Included!
  • Are you an independent contractor?
  • Tips, coupons, discounts & charges
  • Are you an employee?
  • CE Hours: 6 Hours
  • Supplies Needed: Pen or pencil

For more info contact Student Services at: (210) 375-2688 ext 112 or email