Massage Therapy Continuing Education

in San Antonio

Greetings Texas Massage Therapists!

We are very pleased you are considering AMTT for your Massage Therapy Continuing Education needs.  It is our goal to make sure that your experience with us is every bit as interesting, educational, fun, and fulfilling as you would hope.

We are always excited to share our formula for success with anyone who is interested.  Taking you beyond your foundational training, each one of our incredible instructor staff has tremendous knowledge and experience in the specialized massage instruction we offer.  We find that most of our massage therapy continuing education students are not just here to meet state licensing requirements but to be able to serve their clients in new and exciting ways with the specialized instruction we offer.  We strive to give you our very best, so you in turn can give others your very best in this beautiful healing art & science that we all practice.

Esther Nail

Esther M. Nail, LMT,MTI
Owner/Founder, AMTT

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Classes

All massage therapy continuing education classes offered by AMTT are TDLR approved for state licensing requirements.
Here’s are just some of the classes we routinely offer:

Advanced Prenatal Massage

Chair Massage

Cupping Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

Oncology Massage

Solving Carpal Tunnel

Solving Shoulder Pain

Sports Massage

Therapeutic Stretching

Pin & Stretch Manual Therapy, Upper Body (Pt 1) and Lower Body (Pt 2)

Why Choose AMTT’s Continuing Education for Massage Therapists?


Our extensive experience as massage therapists serves as the cornerstone for the continuing education classes we provide.  We have developed methods and techniques that have made AMTT the busiest massage therapy school in the state. Last year, our clinics and spas provided over 36,000 hours of massage & spa therapies; this year we are on pace to provide over 50,000 hours.

We have a formula that not only works but also is in great demand. The classes we offer follow techniques, methods, and principles we use every day. We hope you will find them useful, that you will adopt them, and that they help you to enjoy all the success you desire. We look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops soon!

All massage therapy continuing education classes offered by AMTT are TDLR approved for state licensing requirements.  We also issue certificates at the end of each class for those who successfully complete the training so they can proudly display their certifications for their clients.

Our professional instructor staff has more than 75 years of collective experience. Each is highly skilled and more than qualified to teach their areas of specialization.  We’re also blessed to have instructors that are genuinely great people who really care about their students and strive to make learning fun and enjoyable.

For CE class registration/information call
(210) 375-2688


- Recent Graduate

“Having gone through AMTT's program, you feel much more confident doing massages on clients for your internship.”

- Harry Dabney Co. Us Army Ret

“AMTT is without question the best massage therapy academy in San Antonio.”

- Current Student

“AMTT provides a personable as well as professional environment to learn in"

- Recent Graduate

“When you graduate from AMTT, you know you  are prepared for the state board exam and ready to go out into the public and do a good job”

- Current Student

“Thank you to AMTT for making my first week of internship a great one through your kindness & all your help.”

- John Durland, Director of Education

“AMTT provides every tool necessary to give Students the training they need walk out our door upon graduation and be successful.”

- Recent Graduate

“There's no better feeling than knowing you helped increase a client's mobility, providing them more energy, and reducing or even eliminating pain they have been living with.”