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The objective of the Fundamentals course

To fully prepare each student to successfully pass the Texas Massage Therapy Exam, enable the student to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

And finally, to give each student the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful massage therapist which include the following:

  • Provide basic, relaxing, wellness-oriented massage for it’s physiological and psychological effects, which are applicable to health, beauty, and wellness.
  • Take a client history and evaluate the information to determine appropriateness of massage therapy.
  • Demonstrate a high regard for the personal needs of each client such as comfort, warmth, security, and respect.
  • Utilize skilled, hands-on techniques for purposes of relaxation, improved wellness, and preventive health care.
  • Identify medical conditions that contraindicate massage applications.
  • Speak intelligently about the physiological and psychological benefits of massage therapy.
  • Relate massage therapy to the structure and function of the human body.
  • Demonstrate ethical business practices and methods.
  • Provide basic hydrotherapy procedures that are in demand at spas, health clubs, clinics and private practice.
  • Effectively provide massage therapy treatments to the public.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Register for Texas Massage Therapy Exam.
  • Successfully complete the Texas Massage Therapy Exam.
  • Receive licensure as a Massage Therapist.
  • Attend a minimum of twelve hours of continuing education every two years as a requirement for annual renewal.

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(210) 375-2688

Student Video Testimonials


- Harry Dabney Co. Us Army Ret

“AMTT is without question the best massage therapy academy in San Antonio.”

- Recent Graduate

“Having gone through AMTT's program, you feel much more confident doing massages on clients for your internship.”

- Current Student

“AMTT provides a personable as well as professional environment to learn in"

- Recent Graduate

“When you graduate from AMTT, you know you  are prepared for the state board exam and ready to go out into the public and do a good job”

- Current Student

“Thank you to AMTT for making my first week of internship a great one through your kindness & all your help.”

- John Durland, Director of Education

“AMTT provides every tool necessary to give Students the training they need walk out our door upon graduation and be successful.”

- Recent Graduate

“There's no better feeling than knowing you helped increase a client's mobility, providing them more energy, and reducing or even eliminating pain they have been living with.”